Best Personal Loans Online – Reviews of The Top Lenders

best personal loans online

Best Personal Loans Online

– Reviews of The Top Lenders

There are many situations where you might want to get a personal loan. It can be to pay off higher interest credit cards or to get some relief from medical expenses

It is not always to consolidate debt and it could also be to do something fun like a trip or vacation or just to remodel your home. Whatever the reason of getting it the question is what are the best personal loans online?

Top Peer to Peer Loans

Getting an unsecured loan is not easy to do sometimes through traditional methods. Peer to peer loans have changed that and offers some amazing opportunities to get funding and loans through individual investors. Below we have listed what we feel are the best personal loans online for a peer to peer loan.

The Peer to Peer Loan Industry is Booming

peer to peer loans is a top peer to peer loan choice who offers loans from $2000 – 35,000 that can be used for consolidation of credit cards, debt or just for a cool vacation.

They have a very easy loan application process and everything can simply be done online.

Prosper Personal Loan

  • You will get Fixed rates ranging 5.99% to 32.99% APR
  • There are No prepayment penalties
  • No rate hike or payment increases
  • No hidden fees
  • No fee for borrower listing, closing fee of 1% to 5% applies upon funding.
  • Loans available in over 45 states.
  • See website for terms and conditions.

Apply Now!

Prosper was known to cater to all types of credit scores and is available in most states within the USA. is a new concept in lending and can be a good option for a college graduate as well as other people and options. What is different about them is that they take your education and job into consideration and look a little deeper than just your credit score.

It is for those who want to get out of debt or who want to consolidate but don’t have a real strong credit history but have graduated from college and have a good job. It targets this market to give those customers the opportunity to obtain lower interest loans.

Personal Loans Online

Another kind of neat options other than the peer to peer loans is the site and Both of these offer great options in applying online for a personal loan, but a bit different in technique. With Personal Loans up to 35,000 is a third option and has an advertised 3 minute loan application form.

You can get the personal loan for any reason from emergency expenses to debt consolidation or other large purchases. has the slogan when banks compete you win.

It essentially has a group of top loan providers who will compete to get you the best rate. The process is usually within 24 hours. They have loans for Debt Consolidation, Homes, Business, Cars, Vacations, Weddings, Medical Expenses and much more.

They offer Unsecured Personal Loan with Rates as low as 6.70% APR and maximum terms up to 5 years. You can compare up to 5 free offers with no obligation.

It is a good idea to compare your options to get the best personal loan online possible that meets your needs.

What If I Have Bad Credit or a Low Credit Score?

If you have bad credit or just a low credit score we recommend using!
. They are rated 5/5 stars on Google & Facebook. You can get up to $4K tomorrow with OppLoans.

They are a great option for those with a low credit score. Currently they offer loans in the following regions: (AL, CA, DE, ID, IL, KS, MD, MO, NM, OH, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI). They are adding more states all the time, so we will keep you updated. Applying Online will not affect your credit score!

If you are not from one of the states above or need another option you can apply online at

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