Citibank Personal Loans

Citibank Personal Loans

When looking for personal loans you have lots of options out there. Many different banks offer varying rates of interest on a personal loan so you need to decide what is the best bank to go with when applying online.

CitiBank is a strong financial institution that offers personal loans as well as other products. You can apply for a personal loan through Citi online or by calling a customer service representative.

If you are wanting to make home improvements or pay down higher interest rate debt or maybe get funding a large one-time purchase while maintaining a predictable monthly payment, a CitiBank Personal loan can help you in this process.

What Types of Citibank Personal Loans Are There?

Low Rate Loans That Are At Least $10,000

To get the lowest rateson a personal loan, customers must use Citibank Auto Deduct (an automated monthly debit from a Citibank deposit account) for repayment.

You will also have excellent credit and be approved for and take a $10,000 loan.

Higher Rate Loans below $10,000

You may get hit with higher rates when you take a personal loan for less than $10,000. You will have to check with current interest rates at that time as interest rates will vary. But normally the more you borrow the better your rate will become.

Lower rate Personal loans are available for customers with $250,000 or more in relationship balances at the time of the personal loan application. Your rate will also depend on your approved loan amount and your credit history. So it is a combination of factors that will determine your final rate on your loan.

How To Apply For a Citibank Personal Loan?

You must have a few things before you apply.

1) You need at least 1 month of tenure on a Citibank deposit account. So it is a good idea to already have an established or some type of account with Citi.

2) You should have a linked Citibank mortgage or a Citi credit card when you apply for the application.

3) Make sure you will have a positive balance in your Citibank deposit account or if no balance you at least have made a deposit into a Citibank deposit account within the past 3 months prior to the date of application.

4) You must not have an existing Personal Loan account with Citibank that was opened in the last 3 months.

5) You need to make sure you will have an annual income of at least $10,500.

The online application is quick with and easy processing and approval. Once approved, a check for the approved amount will be mailed to you within 5 business days. Citibank Auto Deduct is another way to get a lower rate by having automatic payments to repay the loan setup.

What is the Citibank Personal Loan Contact Phone Number?

For all loans up to $50,000 you can call the CitiBank Customer Service Number at 1-877-362-9100.

What is the Citi Website for Personal Loans?

You can apply online at

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