Lending Club vs Best Egg – Online Personal Loans

Lending Club vs Best Egg

Lending Club vs Best Egg

When comparing Lending Club vs Best Egg we will breakdown some of the details for you. This allows you to make the best decision when picking a lender for an online personal loan.

At both lenders, borrowers take out loans to fund a large expense or consolidate credit card debt. These are the most common reasons for someone getting personal loans.

Best Egg vs Lending Club on Origination Fees:

Both of these companies have origination fees. So even with a fixed interest rate you will want to know you origination fee. This is a portion of what your total loan amount is and will be paid when the loan is issued. Most good credit people will pay less than 5% and if you have a lower credit score it will be above.

Best Egg: Origination fee‎: ‎0.99% – 5.99%

Lending Club: 1% – 5% origination fee.

Lending Club vs Best Egg on Total Loan Amounts:

Basically when it comes to how much you can borrow from Lending Club or Best egg it is pretty close.

If you take out a loan from lending club you will get between $1,000 and up to $40,000.

Through Best Egg, a personal loan amount will range from $2,000 up to $50,000.

How Do They Compare On Credit Scores?:

For Best Egg your minimum required score needs to be at least 640. With Lending Club their minimum credit score required is 600. The average credit score for people borrowing personal loans are around 699.

Who Has The Better Interest Rates?:

When you apply with Best Egg or Lending Club you will find the range of rates from low to high to be similar.

It really will depend on a number of variables including your credit score and credit history. Both are very competitive on their rates.

How Are The Loans Funded?:

With Lending Club you are taking out a peer to peer personal loan. This means that individual investors fund your loan over the Lending Club platform. The process is done completely online. Best Egg is a direct lender funded by Marlette Funding.


Best Egg was started back in 2014 and is located in Wilmington, DE.

Lending Club has been around since 2006 and is located in San Francisco, California.

Both are great places to get personal loans.

When comparing Lending Club to Best Egg we are partial to the Lending Club platform and like the peer to peer lending concept. You get low rates, loan amounts up to $40,000 and exceptional customer service. The entire process can be completed online.

To apply at Lending Club you can visit LendingClub.com