LendingTree Personal Loan

Lending Tree Personal Loans

LendingTree Personal Loan is a great way to pay off higher interest credit cards, medical expenses or other debts.

When you get to their site, be prepared to answer some basic questions.

lending tree personal loan application

How Are You Going To Use The Money?

This is something they will ask and a few of the reasons are as follows:

Credit Card or Debt Consolidation
Home Improvement
Home Buying
Car Financing
Medical Expenses
Moving or Relocation

So here are just a few of the reasons why you may be looking into a LendingTree personal loan.

How Much Are You Going to Borrow?

They will also ask you the question how much you want to borrow. This can be anywhere from a couple thousand to a few thousand.

What is Your Estimated Credit Rating?

This is just to get an idea of the types of personal loans you will qualify for and just want to know if you have average, good, excellent credit.

You should know your general credit rating ahead of time and can get this in a number of places. Sometimes your credit card issuer will give you a free credit score with your account statement. DiscoverCard is a credit card issuer that gives you a free credit score update each month with your account statement or their mobile app for example.

What is Your Employment Status?

Your employment status will be an indicator of your ability to pay the personal loan back. This can be part time, full time or even self employed if you are a small business owner. If you are unemployed, list this too.

You will also be asked to provide your annual income.

Your place of residence will also be a key factor and you will need to answer if you rent or own a home.

Other information will be your street address and zip. You will continue answering questions.

Why Go Through LendingTree for a Personal Loan?

Submitting a loan request is easy and it is free. You will be able to compare personal loan offers. You will be able to view live loan quotes.

Most loans will be between $1000 and $35,000 and be for loan terms from 1 – 5 years.

You can just repay monthly at a fixed rate and with no collateral. I mean it does not get much easier than this and you really have nothing to lose by checking out and comparing various personal loans.

Can I Call LendingTree for a Personal Loan?

We have included this number for you below and yes you can talk to a real person to help assist you.

LendingTree Phone Number 888-246-4181

Official Website is at www.LendingTree.com

Lending Tree Personal Loans www.lendingtree.com/personal-loans

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