M&T Bank Personal Loans Review

M&T Bank Personal Loans Review

M&T Bank Personal Loans Review

M&T Bank Corporation is a United States bank holding company. The M&T stands for “Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company.” The company was started way back in the 1800’s and is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. They are listed on the NYSE as symbol MTB. Revenue for this company back in 2015 was around 5 Billion.

Unsecured M&T Bank Personal Loans

M&T offers unsecured personal loans for such things as home repairs or consolidation of debt. You might have some unexpected expenses that a personal loan could cover. Below we will review the details behind a loan from M&T Bank.

There is no collateral required for an unsecured loan. You will also be able to apply online. You can also find out your rate ahead of time, before you go through the full loan process.

The loans for borrowers can be anywhere from $2000 up to $25,000 dollars. You can get loan terms up to 60 months of payments.

Cash Secured M&T Bank Personal Loans

The cash secured loans are like they say “secured by your savings or certificate of deposit accounts” at M&T Bank.

This allows loan amounts to go up all the way to $100,000 and as low as 2K. The terms of payments can go all the way up to 120 months or 10 years in length.

So if you have a CD or savings with M&T this can be a nice option. They just use cash you already have in your account to give you a bigger personal loan if required.

All of their loans are subject to credit approval.

What Is The M&T Bank Personal Loans Customer Service Number?

You can reach M&T Customer Service at (800) 724-2440.

Are There Alternatives To Bank Personal Loans?

You can apply completely online through a peer-to-peer lender like Lending Club or PersonalLoans.com. Both are good choices.