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Regions Bank Personal Loans

Online Loan Applications for Regions Bank Personal Loans can be found at

Regions Financial Corporation is a US bank and financial services company based in Birmingham, Alabama, with its corporate headquarters at the Regions Center. Region Bank is a growing and expanding bank with all types of credit options for you to choose from including credit cards, auto loans, mortgage and refinance options as well as personal loans and lines of credit.

Once you get to their page for loans you will find that they accommodate a variety of various options for you depending whether you need just a short term loan for an emergency situation or maybe you are wanting to take out a car loan or even student loan if going back to school.

These are all viable options and a Regions Bank representative can discuss all of you options with you or you can just browse the loans online that may be right for you.

We are specifically talking about Regions Bank Personal Loans or lines of credit.

Personal Installment Loans

Regions Personal installment loans can be used to purchase just about anything you need.

There are really two types of personal installment loans and these are known as an unsecured personal loan or a secured personal loan. It is recommended for either that you have a checking or savings account with Regions.

Most people will want an unsecured personal loan but either can be an option. For the Regions unsecured personal loan you will need to borrow a minimum of $2000 and a maximum of 25% of your annual gross income.

You will also find with a Regions Bank personal loan that they have very competitive rates, no prepayment penalties and flexible terms regarding their loans.

Below is a chart from the regions site. The first column is for unsecured personal loans and the last two look at a deposit secured loan and last column other secured loan. This image below will give you an idea of the requirements for each when applying at Regions bank.

Personal Lines of Credit

This can also be an option for a smaller loan amount. The personal lines of credit has a minimum amount of $500 and maximum amount of $3000 with an annual fee of $25. This type of a loan can be used for minor home improvements, vacation, debt consolidation or other smaller misc. items.

The Regions personal loan would be used for a major debt consolidation or possible a major purchase whereas the personal lines of credit is almost used like a credit card for amounts you would need below $3000.

What is the Website Link to Get to Regions Bank Personal Loans?

You can visit their website at and go to the category for Personal Loans and Lines of Credit. You could also just visit your local branch office.

What is the Phone Number to Regions Bank Customer Service?

Below is the customer service number for Regions Bank. This 800 number will get you to someone who can assist if you don’t want to just go to the website to apply.