LendEDU – Student Loan Refinancing Solutions

LendEDU Student Loan Refinancing


is a really unique concept and essentially a marketplace where you can consolidate or refinance your student loans.

It seems like everyone I know who has kids in college has enormous amounts of student loan debt into the thousands of dollars. When a college student or their parents try to refinance that student loan debt or even just try to do a consolidation, you had to apply at multiple lenders to see what type of rates you could get or even if you could get approved. This could be extremely time consuming and frustrating. This is where the Founders of LendEDU comes in and why they created this student loan marketplace.

LendEDU was started in August 2014 by Nate Matherson and Matt Lenhard. They were actually student loan borrowers themselves and came up with the idea as a way to solve one of their own problems. They saw how difficult the process was of consolidating or getting refinancing for student loans. Their vision of a better and easier system is how LendEDU got off the ground and now helps the large and growing population of student loan borrowers get better rates and savings on their student loan debt.

How Can LendEDU Make Student Loan Debt Consolidation or Refinancing Simple?

LendEdu makes the student loan consolidation and refinancing process much simpler as they just have you fill out 1 application that will then be put out on their marketplace for other student loan lenders to review and then return quotes to you with various rates you can review. Some of these top lenders include companies such as College Ave Student Loans, CommonBond, Education Success Loans, LendKey, SoFi, DRB, iHelp, U-fi, and Upstart.

LendEDU allows you to compare up to 12 different Student Loan lenders and it does what is called a soft pull so it does not effect your credit.

Once you are approved by a lender and you accept the rate, you only then will need to fill out their specific application at that point. This helps avoid the process of filling out 12 different applications just to find out that the majority won’t give you a rate you want. This simplifies the process and saves you time and potentially thousands in future interest savings.

Does LendEDU Have Educational Resources I Can Utilize?

Yes, they have some really awesome information in place for you to use.

You can review various types of scholarships as well as educational videos to learn more about student loans including the types and detailed information. You can really learn just about everything there is to know about the entire student loans process on the website. This will make you much more informed and give you a better direction on what actions you should or can take towards managing your student loan debt and other options you may have at your disposal.

How Do I Apply at LendEDU?

It is easy to get started reviewing your lending options by visiting their site. Compare Private Student Loan Lenders at LendEdu.com to see who the best option is for you.