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loan applications

Why Apply For a Loan With an Online Application?

There are a number of reasons to apply for personal loans with online loan applications. On this site you will learn how to apply for a personal loan online and the steps that will make you successful. We provide information about all your loan options and then help connect you to quality lenders, lending networks or lending platforms where you can apply online.

An individual may be looking to pay off credit cards or to consolidate debt by filling out an online application. Another reason is to get the cash for home improvements or a major purchase. Many times an emergency will arise where you need to borrow money.

Auto loans are also in demand. Most people don’t think about using a lending network or peer-to-peer lender to finance a car, but it can be a great choice. Banks and credit unions can be slow and take days to process or pre-approve a loan. Online loans applications are much faster and more efficient.

Other reasons can be a start up business venture that needs capital to finance employees or equipment. You may want to re-finance government or private student loans that have accumulated since you graduated from college.

All of these are great reasons to get a loan online. Below we go into detail on the best loan applications and lenders that will get the job done for you. Keep reading!

You can apply through traditional banks or choose a more modern method and get an online personal loan. High tech lending platforms now use a network of lenders, where you will be matched to top lenders.

Other options for personal loans are online peer-to-peer lenders where you apply using one easy form. You submit your online loan application and will receive a rate quote. This contains the interest rate and terms of your loan. Once you accept the terms, your loan will be funded by individual investors over the lending platform. Once your e-sign the final paperwork, your money is deposited directly into your account.

Peer-to-peer lenders loan money to borrowers by getting funding through individual investors. This is all done automatically through their lending platform. It has revolutionized the ways people can borrow money online and has simplified the entire process.

Applying for loans online saves you time and money. The online loan application process is very simple and streamlined. Review all your options and get your loan approved today!

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What Are Online Personal Loan Options?

There are some great online personal loan options from top lenders. We will review a few of the best loan options for you.

Lending Networks

A lending network for online personal loans can be a great tool.

When you fill out the online personal loan application form from a lending network like you get access to their large network of lenders.

You just fill out one easy form and then they will match you to the best lender based on the information provided.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

The largest of the peer-to-peer lenders is They have individual investors fund their loans. It is a simple loan application form that only takes a couple of minutes to fill out. You will then be presented with your loan rates and terms. Once you accept, your online loan will be funded and money can be direct deposited into your account.

Personal Loans For Low Credit Scores

Below we give you an option if you have bad credit or if you have just fair credit (600 – 699). Both of these websites have an easy process to get personal loans approved completely online. They work with people that fall in these lower credit score categories. If this interests you, keep reading.

Bad Credit Loan Option

So what if you have a low credit score or even bad credit? We do have a good option for those who want a personal loan even with bad credit.

It is a good option for those with a lower credit score or even bad credit.

You can apply at and get Approved for up to $4,000 by tomorrow!

Fair Credit Score Loan Option

(Score Between 600 – 699)

So what do you do if you do not have a great credit score, but just are in that fair credit area. There is a great option that we highlight below. You can get up to $20,000 and this lender works specifically with people that need a personal loans for fair credit.

Apply for a Personal Loan up to $20,000 at!

Most online loan applications are easy to fill out and you can get a quick response. The money can be approved with money direct deposited into your account quickly.

You can easily apply on your desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet in just a few minutes. Most online lending platforms have setup the process to be quick and simple for borrowers. The process can be completed 100% online. Get your loan approved today!

Top Reasons to Apply For Loans Using Online Loan Applications

We will break down in more detail some of the key benefits and reasons to utilize online loan applications.

Large Purchases or Home Improvement Projects

personal loan for kitchen remodel

One key reason why you might want to apply online for a personal loan, is if you have a large expense or home improvement project to complete.

Today many people are wanting to modernize their homes with newly remodeled kitchens and bathrooms. This not only gives the owner all the modern conveniences to enjoy. It can also add significant value to the selling price of a home. The return on investment can be huge when talking about new bathrooms or kitchens. This is normally where you will want to focus to get the most return on your investment dollar.

A personal loan can typically carry a much lower fixed interest rate as well as a higher amount you can borrow. Compare this to putting everything on a credit card that may have a changing variable rate and credit limit. For large purchase like home improvements, personal loans can get your from $1,000 up to $40,000 for your projects.

This can save you money in credit card interest and also keeps your balance open on your credit card.

Many people pay off their credit cards each month and may just use a credit card for cash back rewards. They do not want to carry a large balance, even if they have the open credit line. The other nice thing about a personal loan is that it is unsecured and you have a fixed payment and end date.

So for large purchases or a large home project it just makes sense to apply for a good personal loan online.

Payoff and Consolidate Credit Card Debt or Medical Expenses

loan application

A second and usually most popular reason is if you have a number of smaller debts or multiple credit cards with balances. It can be a smart and convenient way to consolidate all of this debt into one low interest loan.

Some people over time will also accumulate debt from medical expenses or high deductible insurance plans. The consolidation of debt into a personal loan can help take care of this situation and lock you into a fixed rate with a steady payment.

This can then help eliminate this debt forever by you making regular steady payments until its paid off. This can also help you improve your credit score. By showing regular onetime payments to a lender is just another way to improve your credit history and score.

A personal loan can be spread out over a 2 – 5 year period, depending on the loan provider.

This has made consolidating credit card debt or other loans simple in todays modern age with online loan applications and lending platforms. You can simply complete the entire process on your desktop computer, laptop or cell phone.

You will then just make one easy loan payment and simplify your finances.

Build and Improve Your Credit Score

Build Credit Score For Best Loan Rates

Taking out an online personal loan is a great way to build your credit score. When you apply for a loan online and get approved, your on-time payments are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus.

If you are responsible with your new loan and make all your payments ahead of schedule or at least on time, it can have a positive effect on your credit score.

This is extremely important as you will find out that interest rates on loans are mainly based on your credit score.

A low credit score is typically anything below 600, but to really get a good deal on a loan you need a credit score above 660.

What If I Have Bad Credit or a Low Credit Score?

If you have bad credit or just a low credit score we recommend you visiting – Get up to $4,000 tomorrow!

If you have a fair credit score you can Apply for a Personal Loan up to $20,000 at!

You can run 3 free credit reports once a year at Review your reports for accuracy and fix any issues. Make sure you clean anything that is negative on these reports. This alone will bring up your credit score and will help you on future loan applications.

What Types of Loan Applications are Online?

There are a variety of loans you can apply for online. We will review some of the more popular below:

Personal Loans

Online Personal Loans Applications

A personal loan is typically taken out for a larger purchase or debt consolidation. It is usually at a lower interest rate than a credit card and will build your credit score.

Way back when, personal loans were issued by your bank, a credit union or a small finance company. You would usually have to drive up to meet a loan officer and fill out lots of paperwork. You would then wait days for the results and possibly not get approved.

Today we have high tech lending platforms that allow you to complete the entire borrowing process online. With the internet there have been some exciting new developments in what is called peer-to-peer lending.

It is a very interesting concept and individual investors can review you loan and will fund it for you over the lending platform. The application process is quick and loans can be used for almost any reason. They range from $1,000 all the way up to $40,000. The largest peer-to-peer lending company is Lending Club.

You can use them for a motorcycle loan, finance a boat, RV Loans, plastic surgery financing, medical loans, pet loans, deposits on homes, vacations or a hundred other reasons. They are worth checking out if you are savvy online and want a more modern method of getting a personal loan through an online loan application.

These peer to peer loans can get you a loan quickly and usually within a couple days you can have money deposited in your account. The entire process is done online.

If you are not sure about the type of personal loan you want you can use a lending network like

They have hundreds of lenders in their network including banks, peer-to-peer and other sources. You can simply fill out one simple form online and they will get back to you with a lender that will fund your loan.

How to Get a Private Student Loan or Refinance an Existing Student Loan

How to Get a Private Student Loan or Refinance an Existing Student Loan

Student loans have been an growing issue with college students all over the country. When most graduate they are averaging around $50,000 or more in student loan debt.

Medical students for example can have up to $200,000 in student loans to pay off.

There are really two key issues that most college students have questions regarding.

The first is how to get a private student loan. When you don’t qualify for a normal student loan you may want to consider getting a private student loan. The second issue is if a college student who is graduating has multiple higher interest student loans. One option would be to check into refinancing those into one lower rate loan.

Below we include options you can review that can solve both problems.

A company called Credible allows borrowers to receive personalized prequalified offers from multiple lenders. This includes private student loans for those needing a new loan to finance their college tuition and expenses. There is also an option to do the same for student loan refinancing.

Compare Private Student Loans with Credible to find the best rate

Refinance with Credible and save on your student loans

If you are looking to get financing using a new private student loan or to refinance existing student loans, these are both great options to explore.

Small Business Loans

small business loans applications

You can get the best business loans for your small business based on your annual revenue and years that you have been in business.

If you are a startup, you may have a difficult time trying to get a traditional loan for your business.

I have spoken of peer to peer lending for personal loans, but it also applies to a new company or startups trying to raise working capital. These peer-to-peer lenders have investors review the loans and fund them depending on their level of risk. This is great for borrowers who need to raise money and get a good rate at the same time.

We include informational articles on specific lenders and discuss peer to peer lending on our site, so be sure to check them out. You will find this type of funding and online loan platforms amazing and they open up a whole new world to raising money and capital.

If you need less than $40,000, you can apply for a regular personal loan and use it for your business.

Now if you need more than $40,000 you will probably need to get approved for an actual small business loan.

To apply online for a business loan up to $300,000, just visit Lending Club Business Loans

Grow Your Business With A Fixed Rate Loan Up To $300,000 with a Lending Club small business loan. Approval Takes Just A Few Minutes With No Obligation!

Use the loan to buy new equipment, hire more employees, or lease more office space.

Are Online Loan Applications Safe?

Yes, online loan applications are very secure and use encryption technology.

Most people have now been using online banking for years, including myself and have had no security issues as of yet.

Consumers are finding it easier to search for and apply for loans online. It is usually an easier process and since the overhead is much lower, many of the providers can offer much lower rates.

Who Offers Loan Applications Online?

Bank Loan Applications:

Most banks no longer offer personal loans, but they do have alternatives such as home equity lines of credit, car loans or low interest credit cards.

Online loan alternatives to bank and credit union loans have been growing in popularity. There are lending networks as well as peer-to-peer personal loans that offer online unsecured personal loans as options.

Online Personal Loan Applications:

Another leading trend is Peer to Peer Lending. This is where individual investors will fund personal loans for borrowers.

It is actually quicker than a bank loan and many times much less hassle. Two of the largest peer-to-peer lenders are Lending Club and Prosper.

We discuss all types of resources like lending networks and peer-to-peer lenders throughout this site.

How Much Will My Loan Payments Be?

This will all depend on how much your loan amount will be and the length in months. You will also need to know your rate of interest. Once you know these 3 key things you can calculate an approximate payment.

You can also go to our free personal loan calculator. It is free to use and you can estimate your payments for any loan based on your inputs.

How Much Money Can I Get With An Online Loan Application?

Normally a typical personal loan will get you anywhere from $1,000 to $40,000 entirely online. The amount you get usually will be based on your credit score as well as employment history.

How Long Do I Have To Pay On These Loans?

Flexible loan terms are usually from 12 to 60 months.

Always try to get a loan with terms where you can pay it off early with no penalty.

Online Loan Applications are a simple way to get the cash you need for debt consolidation, large purchases or projects, medical expenses, emergencies or car repairs.

Consolidation loans are a good way to combine credit cards, medical bills or other debt into one easy fixed interest rate payment.

Picking the right loan can give you peace of mind, save money and improve your cash flow each month. With online loan applications, the process is easy.

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