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There are a number of reasons to apply for loans with online loan applications. 

The top reasons for applying online for a loan is that it is fast and convenient. No more driving down to a bank or credit union to fill out paperwork and waiting around for a loan officer to tell you yes or no.

It is also very secure with todays technology. Once approved the money is electronically deposited into your account. You will learn how to apply for a personal loan online and the steps that will make you successful. We have many other loan types that you can connect to on our site. Scroll down this page to learn more about options for personal loans, small business loans and student loan options.

You can read detailed information about all your loan options. Then we identify quality online lenders and lending networks where you can apply online. Lenders who do a soft credit inquiry won’t effect your credit score.

You may be looking to pay off credit cards or to consolidate debt. How about cash for home improvements or a major purchase? Sometimes it can be an emergency where you need to borrow money quickly or just to make a major purchase. A personal loan can fill this kind of need.

A small business might need funding for equipment or to hire new employees. There are lenders below that will loan up to $2,000,000 for you to grow your small business. 

When you are entering college and need private student loans we have options. Then there is the graduate who is now working who would like to refinance their existing student loan debt. We have a section below that goes into detail on the best options for student loans.

We discuss all the important details and identify the pros and cons of different types of lenders so you can make the best choice.

What are The Best Online Personal Loans?

When it comes to unsecured personal loans, applying has never been easier. You can just fill out one form and get funded for a peer-to-peer loan or apply over a lending network that will let you compare rates from multiple lenders. 

The process can be done completely 100% online. This eliminates all the overhead that traditional lenders have and can get you a lower rate. It also makes the overall process much faster. You just fill out one easy form and once funded a check is direct deposited to your account.

Online personal loans are usually unsecured. This means there is no need to put up collateral. Unlike a car loan where you have to secure the loan with the vehicle. When you apply for an unsecured personal loan, you can use the money for whatever reason you like. 

Below we reference 3 quality lenders you can apply through for online personal loans. These lenders are for people with fair or good credit.

Peer-to-Peer Loan

Peer-to-peer personal loans are very popular. Individual investors fund the loans for borrowers over their lending platform.

Lending Club is the leader in peer-to-peer personal loans. Personal Loans

Lending Network

Lending networks allow you to fill out just one form and be able to compare rates from multiple lenders. It is a good way to get a personal loan at the lowest rate. has over 100 lenders.

Credible Personal Loans

Lending Network

Credible is another excellent lending network you can utilize to compare rates from multiple lenders. They also have other options such as student loans and other products on their site

Credible also offers a lowest rate guarantee .

What if I Need a Personal Loan for Bad Credit?

Everyone can run into problems and end up with a low or bad credit score. When this happens it can be difficult to meet the requirements needed for online personal loans. There are personal loans for bad credit. 

Below are two lenders who specialize in personal loans for bad credit.

OppLoans Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Personal Loans for Bad Credit

OppLoans is an option for getting a personal loan even with bad credit. Rated 5/5 Stars on Google and Facebook. You can borrow up to $4,000 by tomorrow.

Bad Credit Loans - Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad Credit Loans specializes in personal loans for bad credit. They have lenders in their network ready to help you. When you cannot get a personal loan elsewhere, they can be a good option.

What are The Best Online Business Loans?

Online business loans are a great way to get funding for your small business or startup. Many times it is difficult to raise capital for equipment or to hire new employees. You may be looking for funding for a new warehouse or building. Whatever the reason we know it is important for a company to grow.

Listed below are options for online business loans that can provide the funding you require.

Small Business Loans

Small business loans, working capital and equipment. Get your loan approved in 24 hours up to $2,000,000

Lending Club for Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Need to raise capital for your small business? Fill out just one easy form and get your rate. Get up to $300,000.

What are The Best Online Student Loan Options?

There are two situations when it comes to getting student loans for college. You will either qualify for government student loans or look for a private student loan option.

Another scenario is a college graduate who is now working as a professional in their career of choice who now want to refinance student loans to a lower rate.

Listed below are options for both with a company that simplifies the entire process for you.

Credible Personal Loans

Private Student Loans

Getting ready for College and need a private student loan? Fill out just one easy form and compare rates. Get the money you need for college.

Credible Personal Loans

Refinance Student Loans

Need to refinance student loans into a lower fixed rate payment? Get the help you need to refinance all your student loans today!

Top Reasons to Apply for Loans Using Online Loan Applications

Loan Application for Debt Consolidation

1. Payoff Credit Cards/Debt Consolidation

Paying off credit cards or doing a debt consolidation is usually the number one reasons people are wanting to take out a personal loan.

The most popular reason to apply for loans using an online application is if you have a number of smaller debts or multiple credit cards with balances. It can be a smart and convenient way to consolidate debt or pay off credit cards.

Some people over time will also accumulate debt from medical expenses or high deductible insurance plans. The consolidation of debt into a personal loan can help take care of this situation and lock you into a fixed rate with a steady payment.

This can then help eliminate this debt forever when you make regular steady payments until its paid off. This can also help you improve your credit score. By showing regular on time payments to a lender is just another way to improve your credit history and score.

A personal loan can be spread out over a 2 – 5 year period, depending on the loan provider.

This has made consolidating credit card debt or other loans simple in todays modern age with online loan applications and lending platforms. You can simply complete the entire process on your desktop computer, laptop or cell phone.

You will then just make one easy loan payment and simplify your finances.

Home Improvement Loans - Personal Loan For Kitchen Remodel

2. Home Improvement Loans

Personal Loans are a great tool to accomplish that kitchen remodel or update to your bathrooms. Home improvement loans can be a great return on your investment as they add value to your home.

One key reason why you might want to apply online for a personal loan, is if you have a large expense or home improvement project to complete.

Today many people are wanting to modernize their homes with newly remodeled kitchens and bathrooms. This not only gives the owner all the modern conveniences to enjoy. It can also add significant value to the selling price of a home. The return on investment can be huge when talking about new bathrooms or kitchens. This is normally where you will want to focus to get the most return on your investment dollar.

A personal loan can typically carry a much lower fixed interest rate as well as a higher amount you can borrow. Compare this to putting everything on a credit card that may have a changing variable rate and credit limit. For large purchase like home improvements, personal loans can get your from $1,000 up to $40,000 for your projects.

This can save you money in credit card interest and also keeps your balance open on your credit card.

Many people pay off their credit cards each month and may just use a credit card for cash back rewards. They do not want to carry a large balance, even if they have the open credit line. The other nice thing about a personal loan is that it is unsecured and you have a fixed payment and end date.

So for large purchases or a large home project it just makes sense to apply for a good personal loan online.

Wedding Loan - Personal loan for a wedding

3. Pay For Your Wedding

Personal loans are a great way to get the need money to start planning and paying for wedding expenses. You can pay down the personal loan used to pay for the wedding throughout the actual planning process.

Getting married can be a huge expense and much of the money is needed up front for deposits and other expenses.

If you do not have a few thousand dollars saved for the biggest event in most peoples lives it can be a confusing time.

Don’t let arguing about money throughout the wedding planning process get you down.

A low rate personal loan can actually be a good way to go and it allows you to pay for everything while making one fixed rate payment.

There are a number of good options for personal loans from peer-to-peer lenders to lending networks. 

Each of these options have their pros and cons, but either can get you an unsecured personal loan to pay for your wedding.

Some of the top expenses you will have for your wedding are the wedding venue, catering, open bar, wedding dress, photographer, videographer, music, flowers and the rings.



4. Moving or Relocation Expenses

Moving locally or out of state can be expensive. Maybe you are relocating for a new job. A personal loan can help cover a move.

Moving can be a tough thing mentally to go through. Just packing alone can take a lot of energy as well as the labor of lifting boxes and getting a truck.

I have found over the years it is just much easier and actually cheaper in the long run to just pay a moving company.

If you are short on funds a personal loan can take care of the expenses and take the huge burden off of you.

It only takes one broken appliance or damaged piece of furniture to cover most of what it would have cost to just pay a moving company.

When they damage any furniture or appliances it is covered by their insurance and just gives you peace of mind.

With experience moving many times over the years, it just pays to pick up the phone and get quotes from local moving companies in your area to handle all the heavy lifting.

When you are strapped for cash during a relocation, consider your options for using a personal loan.


New Small Business Loan Startup

5. Small Business Loans

When you need small business loans it can be tough to meet the minimum criteria. We recommend a couple good lenders of small business loans on our site, so check them out.

You will find that when it comes to small business loans that meeting the minimum requirements can really help your chances.

Many times business owners think of going to a bank to get a business loan. There are some quicker lending options online.

For example Lending Club small business loans require the following. They are a peer-to-peer lender of personal loans, but also have a small business loans division. 


  • You need to have been in business at least 1 year.
  • No recent bankruptcies.
  • Your business revenues or sales need to be more than $50,000.
  • Personal credit score should be at least over 600.
  • You own at least 20% of the business.