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best car loans online

Best Car Loans Online

If you are in the market for a new or used car you owe yourself to review our list of the best car loans online.

So how do you determine which companies offer the best auto loans online anyway? Well to start you want someone who will loan money in all 50 states and has no state restrictions or other items that may limit your ability to buy the car you want to own.

You will also want a decent interest rate on your car loan regarding the APR or annual percentage rate. Fees are another consideration so you should really check out the auto loan origination fees or other application fees they may charge you.

Below is a list of the best car loans that you can get online. We highlight the details and restrictions that each auto loan provider might have that you should take into consideration.

List of The Best Car Loans Online

Below is a list of the best auto loans that you can apply for with an online application.

1. Digital Federal Credit Union – We really like these guys and would even recommend you getting a checking account through them before you apply for a car loan.

They have really low interest rates as Low as APR rates of (1.74%). They also have no application fees and auto loan terms up to 84 months. Their Better Business Bureau rating is A+ rating. The site for DCU or Digital Federal Credit Union has Auto loan calculators available for you to utilize as well as mobile access to your loan account and information. They also loan to those with bad credit. Loans are also capped at $50,000 which is really not a bad idea. The only issue is there are many new cars that well exceed 50K. Just something for you to take into consideration, but if you are looking for a cheaper car like maybe something between 20 and 30K this could be a really good option.

How Do I Apply For a DCU Car Loan?

Just visit their website and apply online at

2. LightStream Car Loans – There are a few things nice about LightStream but for auto loans you will need to have good credit to get a car loan. They do not issue car loans to those with bad credit. LightStream is the online lending consumer division of SunTrust Bank.

Now if you do have good credit you will enjoy really reasonable interest rates with some being 1.99% APR if you signup for AutoPay.

Auto loan amounts are up to $100,000 and for as long as 84 months.

To Apply For a Used Car Loan Through LightStream just visit their website at

3. US Bank Car Loans

4. CapitalOne Car Loans

5. Bank of America Auto Loans

6. Ford Credit – Many people may search for Ford Credit online and we just wanted to cover this lender to make you aware they do not have an online application. You can get lots of great info from their website, but it will not give you access to apply as you will have to head to a Ford Dealership. Car Loans through Ford Credit are also for Ford cars and vehicles.

7. Nationwide Car Loans – This company provides financial services and insurance, but they are also into issuing great interest on car loans in all 50 states so they are worth checking out.

8. Honda Financial Services – They have no online application but will lend you money for a new or used Honda. Actually they will loan you money for any Honda vehicle or product.

9. PNC Bank Car Loans – PNC is a well know bank that issues low rate car loans. You can apply online for any loans under $50,000.