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Chase Personal Loans – Compare Online Loan Alternatives

Does Chase Offer Personal Loans?

Chase personal loans is a very popular topic and highly searched on. After some research on our part we found that Chase does not offer unsecured personal loans. 

The do offer all types of credit cards, mortgage loans as well as auto loans. If you are specifically looking for a unsecured personal loans we do have some alternatives.

Online Personal Loan Alternatives

Most people start out looking at a bank or credit union for personal loans. 

Many of these banks no longer have personal loans and strictly deal with mortgage loans such as a refinance or home equity loans

There are some great online personal loan alternatives and they are easy to apply for online. It only takes a few minutes to fill out one simple form and get rate quotes from multiple lenders. 

Most of the online lenders will direct deposit the money into your account as soon as you are approved. Below we list some good online sources for personal loans.

Lending Networks

A lending network makes it very easy to apply for a person loan. The reason why is that instead of applying at multiple places and filling out a number of different loan applications, you just fill out one easy form.

The lenders in the network will review this information and give you a rate quote. You will receive multiple rate quotes and can choose the best one you like that fits your personal situation.

Two lending networks that we recommend are and another that is well known is Credible

You just simply fill out one easy form and submit and you will get rate quotes that you can review. Once you accept the terms your loan will be funded and direct deposited into your account. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer lending has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. These are personal loans that are funded by individual investors over a lending platform.

You just fill out one easy form and submit it. You will then get a rate quote that you can review. When you accept your peer-to-peer personal loan will be funded by multiple investors.

Once it is funded you will then get your money direct deposited into your checking account you provided.

For peer-to-peer personal loans we recommend

Home Equity Line of Credit or Refinance

Another alternative to a personal loan is to get a home equity line of credit or to refinance your mortgage.

When you do this you should also compare multiple lenders to get the best rate on a new loan.

The only difference is that you will be securing your home for the home equity line of credit. Unlike an unsecured personal loan that will not require any collateral.

On the refinance you will be pulling the actual equity out of your house and refinancing the loan. This may involve paying points and other fees.

This is why an unsecured personal loan is usually an easier alternative. But some people do look at this option.

To compare multiple online alternatives for a refinance or home equity loan we recommend checking out Lending Tree.

The Bottom Line:

Chase personal loans are not currently available through Chase bank the last time we researched the topic. 

They do have various mortgage loans, auto loans and credit card options.

For online alternatives we reviewed and compared your options today. These were lending networks, peer-to-peer lenders and the option to refinance or get a home equity line of credit. 

Lending networks and peer-to-peer lenders offer unsecured personal loans.

We included options you can select in this article that will take you directly to that lenders online personal loan application. 

Comparing multiple loan options is always a good idea to help you get the best rate on any loan.

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