Quicken Loans Review – www.QuickenLoans.com

This Quicken Loans review will take you through features of getting the best mortgage and connecting to an application online at the official site at www.QuickenLoans.com

About Quicken Loans:

If you are interested in history, Quicken Loans Inc., is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan since 2012. It is the largest online retail mortgage lender.

Another interesting fact is that they are the second largest overall retail lender in the United States.

Quicken Loans had the Highest Satisfaction for Mortgage Origination, 2010-2014.

I had no idea they were this big until doing the research.

What Are The Features and Tools When Applying For A Quicken Loan Mortgage?

Quicken loans mortgage calculator is just one of many great tools they have online. It will take you through scenarios to get the best loan option. You can review this by lowest payment option or to get the loan paid off the quickest way.

Quicken loans ratings are top in the industry and you will always get the lowest rates and best terms.

Mortgage rates are at all time lows and it is advisable to always keep up on this when getting ready to apply.

It does not matter whether it is a mortgage loan or refinance you should always understand current rates and where they are going as well as the various terms and conditions and what is best in your situation.

To review Quicken Loan rates you can visit http://www.quickenloans.com/mortgage-rates.

Once you understand what the length of the loan will be and the current interest rates you can then use the Quicken Loans Mortgage calculator or other online calculator to come up with a payment schedule to see what you can afford.

The you can compare total loan values against real-estate in the area to see what options you have and what type of property you will want to purchase.

Some of the Key Quicken Loan Options are:

1) 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage

2) 15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage

3) VA Loan

4) Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

5) Refinance an existing Mortgage

This Quicken Loans Review is to just highlight to you some of the benefits and key loan types.

To go to the website you can visit www.QuickenLoans.com and compare rates.