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OnDeck.com Business Loans

is a lending platform for getting small business loans approved through their fast process review.

The official site at www.OnDeck.com touts a 10 minute application process that is fast and easy. They have a A+ BBB Rating and funded loans over $3 Billion worth. They have a high approval rate and will fund a small business loan from $5000 to $500000 for small businesses.

How To Get Funding Fast Through OnDeck?

We will review the process that you will go through to get funding for your small business loan.

ondeck.com loan application process

Time in Business

Many banks require you to be in business for way over a year before you have shown a track record that would get you into a small business loan or to raise working capital. At OnDeck.com you will only need to show you have been in business over a year.


Many times other lenders will issue small business loans for specific states excluded. OnDeck provides business loans for all 50 states which makes it a snap to figure out if you are U.S based you can get a loan quickly using their loan application process.

Personal Credit History

Sometimes it is just plain difficult for a newer business to have a really high credit score to get qualified for a business loan. At OnDeck they will approve a loan if you have a credit score over 500. This makes the opportunity of getting approved for a loan much greater.

Annual Revenue

If you have annual revenues that exceed $100,000 in the past 12 months, you can get approved for a loan through OnDeck.

Industries They Give Loans To:

They give loans to over 700 industries. They do have a restricted list that you can view just to make sure the industry your business is in will be covered.

If OnDeck cannot fund your loan they still can connect you to Score.org which is an organization that provides free advice and consulting to small business owners.

What Are The Advantages of Getting a Small Business Loan Through OnDeck?

You will get faster funding than going with a typical bank and OnDeck values the cash-flow of the company not just the credit score. You will also build your business credit history and find that they are very transparent regarding rates and fees with a minimal amount of paperwork.

The real benefit is World-Class Customer Service and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which can give you peace of mind you are dealing with a solid lender.

How Do I Apply for a Small Business Loan With OnDeck?

Again, it is really easy and all you have to do is apply at www.OnDeck.com

They will take you through the entire process and many times you can get you funded within 1 Business Day.

Alternative Small Business Loans

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