Peerform Loans – Personal Loan Application

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Peerform Loans – Personal Loan Application

Peerform is an interesting company that provides personal loans through funding or peer to peer lending. They were created by Wall Street executives that had a specialty in technology and finance. They saw a need in the marketplace for a faster more transparent way to get personal loans in the hands of individuals as well as providing investors in those loans a decent return on their investment.

How Do I Apply For Peerform Personal Loans?


First you are going to go to their website to fill out a short online application or registration process. This will ask you information on the amount of the loan you are looking for an some personal info that you can fill out.

This process will actually get you your interest rate or APR that you qualify for and will not effect your credit score.

Loan Selection

Once Peerform understands your borrowing requirements and financial picture you will be offered a selection of loans and terms.

One thing about Peerform is that they will only go up to 3 years in regards to the term of their loans.

Loan Will Be Listed on Their MarketPlace

Your loan will then be listed out on the Peerform marketplace to be funded by individual investors. This can take a few days to get completely funded and approved.


To protect your identity and guard against any fraud you will be asked to provide documents via upload or sending them per email. Once your are verified you have finished the process and can now get your loan deposited in your account. That is basically the overall process of getting funded for a personal loan through Peerform.

What Types of Peerform Personal Loans are There?

There are lots of types of personal loans they can provide. Some people will apply for a debt consolidation loan. Others may need car financing or money for moving or relocation. There are even people that will take out wedding loans or use them for home improvements.

It does not matter what type of personal loan you will need and the main thing is that you get approved for the amount and interest rate you desire. This will depend on your credit score and information you provide when applying for the loan through the online application.

What Are Alternatives to Peerform Personal Loans?

Peerform loans are only for a term up to 3 years. A couple other Peer to Peer lenders that we recommend that will go up to $35,000 for 5 years are listed below. It is a smart idea to compare alternatives and all of these are top peer to peer lenders.

Prosper Personal Loans is a leading peer to peer loan provider.

Lending Club – Low Rates on Personal Loans from $1,000 – $40,000.

CircleBackLending – Offers a Quick and Easy Online Application, Apply within Minutes

You can apply for any of the personal loans above and get a longer term as well as good rate. These are all good peer to peer lenders we recommend with confidence.