Adoption Loans – Get Financing Up To $40,000 With These Lenders

Adoption Loans and Financing

Adoption Loans and Financing Options

When adopting a child, you should be prepared for the fact that it can be a very expensive process. Whether you’re going through an adoption agency or handling the adoption on your own, the cost can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, the average adoption costs about $40,000. This is why a popular option is using adoption loans or financing.

How can you pay for an adoption?

With the cost of adoption being so high and the time it takes to adopt a child sometimes running to years, numerous people don’t want to have to wait to save up this much money before beginning the adoption process. The good news is that there are several ways to fund an adoption.

There are numerous grants and charities that help fund adoptions. The most common method of adoption financing is to obtain a loan.

A variety of organizations and lenders offer adoption loans, and you can either get loans that are specifically designed to help pay for adoptions or take out a personal loan.

How do adoption loans work?

Loans for adoptions can be obtained from a variety of creditors.

The amount that you’ll pay in interest and how long you’ll have to pay back the loan varies by lender. Interest rates start at around 5.99 percent and you’ll normally have up to 84 months to pay back a loan.

What you can spend the funds from the loan on may be limited by certain creditors. Most give you the ability to use the money to pay for just about any expenses related to your adoption.

When you obtain a personal loan, there are no restrictions on how the money is spent.

How can I obtain adoption financing through Lending Club?

Lending Club offers personal loans for a wide variety of reasons, and you can obtain loans for an adoption through them.

Loan amounts of up to $40,000 are available. The process can be completed through the Internet.

Once you apply online, you’ll be given a number of options for interest rates and repayment plans.

Repayments are fixed monthly payments, and there are no penalties for paying off your loan early.

If you’re approved and accept a loan offer, your funds may be deposited in your bank account within a matter of days.

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How can I get a personal loan from SoFi to use for adoption expenses?

SoFi is an online lender that offers a variety of loans. You can use personal loans to pay for an adoption.

Loans are available with fixed interest rates between 5.49 and 14.24 percent provided that you use AutoPay. They are available in amounts between $5,000 and $100,000.

Repayment terms are three, five and seven years. There are no origination fees, and unemployment protection is available.

The application and approval process can be handled over the Internet.

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What do I need to do to obtain a loan from Citizen’s Personal Loans?

Another option for a personal loan that can be used to fund an adoption is one from Citizen’s Personal Loans.

The lender has teamed up with the National Adoption Foundation to provide funding for individuals who want to adopt a child.

Loans are available in amounts between $5,000 and $50,000. You’re able to select both your repayment plan and the type of interest rate you want to obtain. You will want a loan that fits your financial situation.

This loan can be applied for and completed online, and there are no application fees.

Can I obtain an adoption loan from the American Christian Credit Union?

If you belong to a credit union, you may be able to obtain loans with a lower interest rate and more advantageous repayment options.

One credit union in particular that offers adoption loans is American Christian Credit Union. When you’re a member of this credit union or become a member, you’ll have access to loans with APRs as low as 5.99 percent.

Loans are available in amounts up to $50,000, and you’re given 84 months to pay back the loan.

These loans can be applied to domestic and international adoptions. They can also be applied to travel costs if necessary.

When you already have an outstanding loan with another lender for your adoption, you may be able to refinance your loan at a lower interest rate through American Christian Credit Union.

The downside of these loans is that the process may not be able to be completed solely through the Internet.

What is the process for obtaining a loan for adoption through SunTrust?

LightStream is a division of SunTrust that offers loans for adoptions.

You can borrow as little as $5,000 or as much as $100,000. The funds from the loan can be applied to all parts of the adoption process, including travel and counseling.

If you have good credit, you may be eligible for a loan with an APR of just 5.99 percent.

However, higher dollar amount loans also carry higher interest rates.

Loan terms are also determined by the amount of money that you borrow, and the maximum term is 84 months.

You can apply for a loan with LightStream online, but you’ll need to wait for normal bank business hours for a response.


When adoption loans or financing are needed these can be great options or alternatives. Online loan applications are easy to apply for and will help you accomplish your goals.