Barclays Personal Loan Offer Review Barclays Personal Loan Offer Review

Details of the Barclays Personal Loan Offer

In this Barclays personal loan review, we break down the details of this offer.

Barclays personal loans allow you to borrow up to $35,000. You can get money for a debt consolidation, home improvements or major purchases. This loan amount is typical for most online lenders and is pretty much in line with most lending platforms for a personal loan.

There are some peer-to-peer lenders where you can get up to $40,000 like Lending Club and all the way up to $100,000 using SOFI. It is a competitive space right now and many lenders and lending networks are competing for your business.

With this personal loan offer, you start out by using an online personal loan application form that will gather the information required to qualify you for the loan. To apply using the loan offers invitation code you will go to the site at You will then be asked to enter the invitation code located on the promotional offer letter you received.

If approved, your loan amount including your actual monthly payment will be decided. Your annual percentage rate could start as low as 5.99% or higher based on your credit score and history. The loan terms can vary and are typically 3, 4 or 5 years in length.

This personal loan offer is for an unsecured personal loan. This just means that you will not be required to use collateral or other assets to secure the loan.

A positive to the Barclays personal loan offer is that there are no origination fees.

Pros of the Barclays Personal Loan Offer

The Personal Loan is Unsecured.

There are no origination fees when applying for this personal loan.

The entire process can be done online from your computer or mobile phone.

Cons of the Barclays Personal Loan Offer

When compared to the competition, Lending Club at $40,000 and SOFI up to 100K, if you need a larger loan amount for a debt consolidation you might find $35,000 a bit light.

But other than this aspect, the terms and conditions of their loans are very competitive with other personal loan companies and peer-to-peer lenders.

Are Their Competing Online Personal Loans?

There are other alternative personal loan platforms that compete with the offer.

For peer-to-peer loans where individual investors fund unsecured personal loans you can visit They are the largest in regards to peer-to-peer lending platforms and can loan up to $40,000.

Another option is a lending network. This is where you fill out one form and get multiple lenders to review and compete for your business. They will match you to a lender who will then give you the rate and terms of your personal loan. The lending network we recommend is They also offer personal loans up to $35.000.

For larger amounts up to $100,000 you could apply with a lender like SOFI. They also have student loan refinancing and other financial tools you can use on their website. They also have no origination fees on their personal loans.

Always compare your personal loan options and alternatives to make sure you are getting the best offers. Always read multiple reviews to ensure you are getting the best personal loan rates and terms. Read carefully all the details of your personal loan after getting approved. Make sure you pay your personal loan on time as this can benefit your credit history and score.

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