Commerce Bank Personal Loans

Commerce Bank Personal Loans

Commerce Bank Personal Loans

Commerce Bank personal loans are unsecured and can be a great way to handle a debt consolidation or pay off bills.

Why Get A Personal Loan Through Commerce Bank?

Commerce Bank offers loan options that are unsecured and at the lowest interest rate. These personal loans are flexible and you can actually use them for any purpose.

When applying for a Commerce Bank personal loan it is to your advantage to have a CommerceOptionsSM checking account setup. This can save you up to .75% off your interest rate.

Another way to save is to get your payments automatically deducted from your Commerce checking account. This can save you another .25% off your rate.

How Do I Apply For a Commerce Bank Personal Loan?

There are really 3 ways you apply for personal loans through Commerce Bank.

1. Visit a local branch and talk to a customer service rep.

2. Call them at 800-453-2265

3. Apply online via their website at

What Do I Need To Apply?

When applying for a personal loan in one of the state’s Commerce Bank is available, you should have the following information.

Basic Info:

You will provide your Social Security Number, Current Employer info, Income information.

If it is a secured loan you will list the collateral being used like a car or boat and the vehicle dealers name.

Other Things You Should Know About Commerce Bank Personal Loans?

Commerce Bank personal loans are only available in the following States of Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma or Colorado. These are the states where Commerce Bank operates.

The minimum Commerce Bank personal loan amount is $7000.

If you do not live in one of the States above or want a smaller minimum loan amount, we list a few options below.

What Are Alternative Loan Options?

There are new alternative loan options called peer-to-peer loans. The loan process can be done completely online in a few minutes with an online application.

You personal loan will be funded by individual investors on the lending platform. Once you e-sign the terms of the loan it can usually be direct deposited in your account within a day.

Below are lenders of personal loans we recommend.

Lending Club – Low Rates on Personal Loans. Borrow up to $40,000. Easy Loan Application Loans is another very interesting option for a personal loan if you do not have a lot of credit history build up.

The lenders above provide easy online loan applications. These are used for debt consolidations, paying off bills, vacations, medical procedures or large purchases such as home improvements or remodeling.