Credible Student Loans – Get a Private Student Loan or Refinancing

Credible Student Loans - Private Student Loan and Refinancing Student Loans

– Get a Private Student Loan or Refinancing

If you are wanting to take out a private student loan or get refinancing for existing student loans Credible can help.

They are located in San Francisco, California and were founded in 2012. The platform was created Credible to help borrowers deal with their student loan debt.

Their platform for comparing loans and applying with one easy form saves you a ton of time and can get you the best loan offer.

You can literally start browsing loan offers in a couple minutes after submitting the form.

How Does Credible Work? student loans is a comparison site and not a lender themselves. When you start researching various private student loan or refinancing options you will find out there are many lenders out there.

If you apply at each lender individually it could impact your credit score. It is also just difficult to figure out which ones have the best rates and payment terms.

They take all the work out of the process for you. You will just fill out one easy form and then get rates that you qualify for per the information.

You can then accept the lenders rate and payment terms to get the new private student loan.

The goal of the new loan is to lower your interest rates or extend the payments to create a lower fixed payment.

What Are The Requirements For Getting Credible Student Loans?

You will need to be at least 18 years of age. For a refinance you will want to have at least $5000 to refinance.

If you are looking to take out a new private student loan you should have a steady income and a credit score at least in the mid 600’s.

You should have good credit and a stable income to be considered by one of their lenders.

How Do I Apply For Credible Student Loans?

It is easy to get private student loans or refinance student loans by selecting either of the links below depending on your needs.

Compare Private Student Loans with Credible to find the best rate

Refinance with Credible and save on your student loans Student Loans is an option to compare private loans or to refinance your existing student loans. It does not matter whether you are currently in college or have already graduated, review these student loan alternatives.

What’s the difference between federal student loans and private?

Typically most students will apply for a government student loan as their first choice. Usually the interest rates are going to be better on a federal student loan vs a private student loan. Private student loans can have either fixed interest rates or variable rates. These rates can be lower or higher than the interest rates charged on federal student loans. This will just depend on your situation.

Most students that seek out private student loans do so because they do not qualify for federal student loans.

Why Use for Private Student Loans and Student Loan Refinancing?

Because has an amazing student loan marketplace that lets a borrower search for private student loans as well as student loan refinancing. They also have some really cool tools for comparing student loan refinancing options.